Lifespace Traveler

Fact Sheet

Release Date: 26 June 2023
Platforms: Steam, Epic Games Store
Developer: Dino Trnka
Publisher: Dino Trnka
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Development: 4 years
Price: $15


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About the Game

Lifespace Traveler is an action-packed, easy to learn, hard to master cyberpunk game where reality is split into dimensions called Lifespaces.

No hand holding. No mercy. Fight your way and test your reflexes in fast-paced, brutal combat as you reveal the mysteries of an unforgiving dystopian world.

Tight controls and melee combat are simple to learn but require quick reflexes and good situational awareness. Analyze the attack patterns of your enemies to find a perfect opening for a counterattack.

Each area introduces new types of enemies and obstacles that require specific tactics. No silver bullet strategy will save you from every threat.

Enjoy original Synthwave music handcrafted for the game and inspired by Furi and Hotline Miami soundtracks.

About the Developer

Dino Trnka is a solo indie dev from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has been passionate about gaming as an art form and the highest level of entertainment since early childhood.

He enjoys all types of games, but his favorites are third-person action games with a compelling story and an outstanding soundtrack.

Having experienced countless extraordinary game experiences, Dino has been inspired to join the fun of being an independent game developer and share the joy of creating such games with the world.

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